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As a reseller of private label manufacturer products and white label skin care, it is important that you empathize with your buyers' product fatigue. What is that?

Well, according to a report in Glamour Magazine, "Every year, a new exotic skin care ingredient will be found in some areas, and soon it will be everywhere: masks, serums, foot creams, as you say. "Therefore, some customers don't know what to do to get better skin".

Fortunately, that same report says this: "at the end of the day, a handful of ingredients have stood the test of time", and a premium private label manufacturer can be your way to offer the most proven of them. Offering up the best white label skin care products in the form of serums, masks and so on is a great way to be sure your shoppers have access to the most beneficial, targeted and specialized treatments - and all without stepping into a clinical setting or paying over the top prices.

Before we delve into the best options from a top of the line private label manufacturer, let's look at the basics of serums and specialty ingredients to understand just what is what and how to help shoppers make the right choices.

How White Label Skin Care Serums Work

 The speed up wound healing and boost collagen, and can even mimic the effects gained by using Botox injections! For skin in the early stages of aging, it can work wonders.

  1. Retinol - This ingredient is touted for its "wrinkle fighting, complexion perfecting" capacities. It builds collagen, reduces fine lines, combats acne and improves texture. It can take a few weeks to generate visible results but is a proven ingredient.
  2. Hyaluronic acid - You want to offer options from a private label manufacturer that deliver superior results. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient touted for its amazing ability to attract and retain water, keeping the skin plumped and intensely hydrated at all times.
  3. Vitamin C - We know it fights the common cold, but as an antioxidant and collagen production compound, it can do a lot for the skin. It brightens and evens out discoloration and is the perfect night time treatment to add to your white label skin care line.
  4. Peptides - These are all natural protein building blocks and skin strengtheners. The speed up wound healing and boost collagen, and can even mimic the effects gained by using Botox injections! For skin in the early stages of aging, it can work wonders.
  5. Salicylic acid - This ingredient is noted for its ability to tone and clean out the pores of the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and ideal for those with acne prone and oily skin. Any line of private label manufacturer products should include an option for those who wish to use this ingredient to tame inflamed and breakout-prone skin.
  6. Alpha hydroxy acids - These include glycolic acid, which is ideal for exfoliating, repairing sun damage, addressing acne or helping to reduce pigmentation issues and fine lines. In fact, of all of the AHAs, it is glycolic acid most commonly used to penetrate damaged skin and cue it to restore itself, making a serum with it a key part of your white label skin care line up.

Suggested Products

With that primer on serum ingredients done, we can now look at premium examples of skin care products that use them effectively:

Natural Retinol Skin Moisturizing Cream: Offering a combination of effective ingredients, this proven moisturizing compound features a 2.5% retinol mix that works with vitamins E and B5 as well as hyaluronic acid to repair and improve the skin. For those with fine lines and wrinkles, this is a must and is the ultimate night cream for those hoping to reduce and eliminate the earliest signs of aging in their skin. Safe for all skin types, it is good for reducing pigmentation issues and sun damages, too.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Enjoy the most intensely hydrated skin ever with this unique formula. Packed with herbal ingredients noted for holding moisture, it is also pore clarifying and nourishing. A professional level formula, it is the ideal serum for a nighttime skin care regimen.

Natural Vitamin C Serum Complex: This vitamin-packed formula softens the skin and helps to even out the tone from the very first application. It is a deep penetrating formula that, when lightly massaged into the skin of the face and neck, it will use its blend of vitamins and hyaluronic acid to create amazing results. Suggest pairing this with the retinol moisturizing cream as the very ultimate in anti-aging partnerships.

Expression Lines Powerful Minimizing Serum: This formula relies heavily on peptides and is able to moisturize, lift and firm, while hydrating and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It features a unique blend of seaweed extracts, hyaluronic acid and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, one of the most beneficial peptides available. In clinical trials, it has shown effectiveness in fighting deeper wrinkles and even contracting muscles in the face.

Natural Super Concentrated Blemish & Acne Free Serum: High in salicylic acid, this formula is ideal for reducing acne and regular blemishes. Because it also uses retinol, vitamins B, and C, along with natural tea tree oil, it can be an anti-aging and anti-acne treatment. By balancing oil and nourishing the skin, it guarantees no drying while also reducing risks of blemishes.

Natural Skin Peeling Cream (With 10% Glycolic Acid) And Lactic AcidUsing a potent 10% buffered glycolic acid, it renews the skin without also irritating it. For those with uneven pigmentation, dull or faded skin, and sun damaged skin, this is the ideal product. It is ideal as part of an anti-aging regimen, too since it removes dead and dull cells to reveal the healthier, glowing cells below.
You can now tout a full line of premium, professional quality serums for your shoppers to enjoy and use in developing their own potent and effective skin care regimens.

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