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Private Label Skin Care

GoodVara Laboratories is a US-based skin care private label cosmetic contract manufacturer with 26 years experience.

Since our opening, we have proudly became the one-stop-shop for everything about private label skin care, branded skin care, and offering best private label cosmetics.

Our specialties extend beyond regular skin care products, body care line or hair care or cosmetic packaging, we are one of the largest skin care manufacturer that offer complete solutions for established skin care companies and for skincare professionals, as well as new startup skin care businesses.

Whether you are creating a new skincare line, hair care treatments, body care product with or without packaging or a new custom formulation using specific ingredients, product line and product development, we are one of very few cosmetics manufacturers in the skin care industry that can do it all for you.

Our customers love the 500+ stock high quality private label skincare, private label hair or body products we have available on our site. They simply can find all the information, prices and order samples (sample kit coming soon) or buy the product with its packaging or bulk products on the website without having to deal with countless of emails and phone calls and many back and forth.

Our R& D and the marketing teams who have worked for other cosmetic manufacturers for many years, they now using their amazing skills and experience in the private labeling for cosmetics, to offer you the best private label products at the lowest minimum order quantities to get your new brand on the ground fast.

We are excited to announce many new changes for 2023 and more unique stock private label products will be added. And in 2024 we are expanding our manufacturing facilities to Europe, which will allow our customers to expand their brands into Europe by buying the same products they buy from our US facilities from EU. This will allow them to bypass the complicated and expensive process of getting US made products into the EU markets. 

Here are some information on most questions we receive:

What skin care lines offer private labeling?

We offer many different types of products such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers, anti-aging, face masks, baby wash and lotion, body scrubs, body butter, makeup, shower gels, lotions, DIY bases and more.

How to start a private label skin care business?

It is so easy to start your own business and get your own logo and with Goodvara you can simply start with less than $1,000 with our ready made formulas and low minimum packaged or bulk.

How to label skin care products?

You can learn how to label your cosmetic line by visiting our FAQ page and we explain most important facts about labeling and you can also get in touch with label and packaging designers.

We are continuously evolving, we are always bringing new products to the market and some of our products quickly became top sellers on social media such as instagram and on some online market places such as

The products that we develop are sold in mass market retail stores such as, high-end specialty and department stores such as Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom,  professional salons, spas, medical clinics.

All the products made at our  FDA cGMP compliant facility. Our contract manufacturer meets all our customers’ needs from formulations to production to label design and packaging.

We offer the largest stock private label skin care formulas in north America. GoodVara is able to develop exclusive, custom product formulas for your company as well.

Why should you get your products from GoodVara Laboratories? The following is a short list of benefits our customers can enjoy:

  1. 1- We work internationally, doing business in 50 countries
  2. 2- Have a large inventory of premium quality products at competitive prices
  3. 3- Low minimum
  4. 4- High-quality labeling services
  5. 5- Our manufacturing is GMP compliant

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