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4 Reasons Your White Label Skin Care Must Include Retinol

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If you are looking to improve upon a line of private label skin care products, but are unsure of what sort of formulas might be of the most interest or use to clients, we have some advice. The first is to think of this phrase as you make your choice in white label skin care: anti-aging.

Most beauty experts would agree that the general public gets it wrong when thinking of anti-aging, and will use those formulations once the first signs of aging appear. However, if you want to give your private label skin care line a bit of a boost, you can start to tout the benefits of anti-aging formulas for buyers of all ages. After all, it is "anti" aging, indicating that a formula that uses a reliable formula will combat aging before it happens as well as once it has started. So, that brings us to the first of the four reasons mentioned in the title of this article:

#1 - You want to include a retinol product in your white label skin care because it is a potent way to offer anti-aging to buyers of all ages

Talk to a skin care expert, and they will tell you that Retinol is rich in retinol and has an anti-aging effect on people of all ages, skin types and conditions.

As with retinol, they will "stimulate the production of new skin cells... eliminate dark spots caused by photoaging, pigmentation, hormonal changes, and scars... renew the skin and treat acne, reducing the appearance of fine lines , And helps skin discoloration."

Just that alone makes a private label skin care retinol formula a must, but it doesn't end there.

#2 - You can find a white label skin care retinol formula that is gentler than prescription formulas, but with the same benefits.

One of the problem with prescription strength retinol formulas is that they can be very tough on the skin. They can dry out even the healthiest skin and can be intolerable on a daily basis. This is why so many people will insist that a retinol formula is not a good choice, but what they really mean are prescription strength products. Your private label skin care with retinol is going to be safe and effective enough for daily use.

#3 - Your white label skin care retinol product will allow buyers to know that they are undoing some of the damages of time, sun exposure and aging by boosting collagen production.

Collagen is produced naturally in the skin, and we have it in great abundance when we are young. It is collagen that gives a child's skin its dewy, radiant, plump health. As we age, collagen production decreases, allowing the skin to take on a dull and even lax appearance. This is also why fine lines and wrinkles begin to form and remain. If we had a way to tell the skin to begin producing higher amounts of collagen, though, we'd have a great way for the skin to erase those lines and wrinkles. This is precisely what collagen does, and when you have private label skin care with retinols, it can deliver such desirable outcomes. You can even tell buyers that such products can give them that "just after a facial" look so many desire.

#4 Retinols in your white label skin care can unclog pores and help them shrink in size.

Time has a way of causing all kinds of skin problems. One of them relates to pores and pore size. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, meaning it stretches easily. We can often detect this by looking at the size of our pores. They seem to get larger over time, but that is actually because they no longer have the elasticity to remain firmly closed. Cleaning and toning are great for helping with pore size since they remove materials that might become trapped in the pores, and cause them to stretch even more.

When you use skin care products with retinols, they unclog the pores and help them to remain as small in size as possible. You can use pore reducing formulas, but the best way to eliminate increases in size is to unclog them altogether.
Getting Started with Retinols

So, if a buyer is eager to enjoy skin that has the most even tone, the most youthful and healthy appearance, and skin that is as clean and bright as possible, then it is a retinol product they need. As an anti-aging formula, it can work for people of any age and help to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

Add it to a potent moisturizer and you can provide buyers with an amazing priming, lifting and anti-aging compound that doesn't just give esthetic improvements but actual improvements in the skin. Reaching deep down into the lower layers of the skin, retinol creams can give a buyer new skin, improved skin, and skin better suited to resisting the signs of aging.

private white label retinol moisturizer serum

The GoodVara Laboratories White Label Line includes their Natural Retinol Moisturizer that offers a potent but still gentle 2.5% retinol combined with the power of vitamins E and B5 along with hyaluronic acid and green tea. The Resurfacing Serum that relies on a 1% retinol solution and combines hyaluronic and glycolic acids along with fruit acids to renew the skin and deep clean the pores. 

If you are eager to enhance your private label cosmetics and private label skin care lines, think retinol. It is effective for all skin types and for people of all ages.

It boasts an amazing number of benefits, apart from anti-aging, and is guaranteed to give almost anyone the kind of toned, cleansed and supple skin that so many desire. As part of your line of skin care products, it will become an essential component to any effective daily or weekly regimen.

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