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Breakthroughs in Natural White Private Label Skin Care Technologies

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Buyers hear the phrase "natural" skin care and make a lot of assumptions. Natural is often a cue that the product may not be as potent, fast acting or even effective. Many even think of natural private label cosmetics and private label cosmetics as little more than formulations they can easily whip up in the home kitchen.

As a seller of premium private label skin care, you need to take steps to show that natural, white label skin care products can be just as effective (even more so) than many other, chemical based compounds. The following private label cosmetics and private label skin care products feature astonishingly modern ingredients that are full of the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological advances. Offering them as part of your white label skin care puts you on the cutting edge in terms of anti-aging, healing, repair and specialty treatments (including under eye remedies, brightening solutions, and more).

Products to Offer in Your Lineup of Private Label Cosmetics and Private Label Skin Care
One of the first things to alert buyers to is the fact that the best results come to those who practice daily skin care regimens, and particularly if the regimens feature:

  1. Cleaning and toning
  2. Specialty or targeted serums and treatments
  3. Moisturizing

When paired with weekly or bi-weekly exfoliating or peeling products, this blend of white label skin care products can yield amazing outcomes. Especially, when they

  1. Natural Private White Label Anti-Aging Toner – MakeUp Setting Spray -  Cleansing alone just cannot do the trick. You must tone, and yet many avoid it. Why? Because it can strip the skin of beneficial oils and offset the natural pH. Toning cleanses deeply in the pores and shrinks them to undo some signs of aging. This formula, however, uses natural and organic ingredients in a unique blend. There are no harmful parabens, scents, or petroleum ingredients, and yet users enjoy skin repair, toning, and hydration. It is even a good choice to set makeup.
  2. Natural Private Label Multi Effect Eye Gel - One of the most challenging areas to improve is the eye. This is because a multitude of issues can lead to lines, wrinkles, darkening and more. This uniquely natural formula is packed with a long list of plant stem cell ingredients and extracts that do everything needed to overcome eye issues. From the Resistern that is a noted anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative ingredient to the Matrixyl 3000 anti-aging, cucumber extract that tightens and soothes to the hyaluronic acid and other extracts that improve circulation and eliminate puffiness, it is the ideal solution for any under eye conditions.
  3. Natural Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Serum With Plant Stem Cell + Matrixyl 3000 + Hyaluronic Acid - Many of the same ingredients in the targeted Eye Gel (above) are found in this facial formula. Save for use on the face, neck and even the hands, it is a private label skin care treatment that triggers skin regeneration, fights wrinkles and deeply hydrates. Packed with natural ingredients, it provides plump, youthful and evenly toned skin
  4. Natural Super Concentrated Blemish & Acne Free Serum - Few white label skin care lines can offer effective acne support, but this product is packed with salicylic acid, retinol, niacinamide, vitamin c, tea tree oil - incredibly potent compounds for helping the skin to remain hydrated and healthy and yet also free of redness, discoloration and breakouts. This formula can combat blemishes, pigmentation issues and even works on aging skin effectively.
  5. Natural Stem Cell Cream - Most of us know that stem cells are healing and restorative. This all-natural product takes advantage of plant stem cells to help the skin regain a more youthful look. It includes Resistem, which is taken from certain daisy flowers and which is a clinically proven repair agent. There are also organic oils and extracts that combine to detoxify, improve, heal and restore the skin from the inside out.
  6. Natural V8 Rich Intense Hydrating Cream - Those with very dry skin often find few remedies in the world of private label cosmetics and skin care. This unique formula is given its unique name ("V8") for the intense speed and power with which it can effectively restore hydration to even the driest skin. It uses a long list of botanical extracts and organic oils to achieve such goals. It is also one of the most antioxidant rich formulas, packed with vitamins B, C, and E as well as Q10. Medically advanced and clinically proven it is touted as restorative to everything from sun damage to deeper lines and wrinkles.

Don't allow your buyers to fall for the old misunderstandings around natural and organic ingredients and formulas.

More and more government and regulating agencies are targeting manufacturers using common chemical ingredients and pointing consumers to consider choosing products and lines that emphasize natural and organic ingredients instead.
The benefits of natural formulas include such important points as being better for the planet, since the ingredients are not produced or harvested in ways that harm the surroundings. Remaining free of parabens, petroleum ingredients, synthetic fragrances and other harmful compounds is also a benefit.

They are also better for the skin since they have not been processed or treated with dangerous irritants and other chemical fillers or compounds.

This makes them healthier for over the long run, enabling skin to absorb them and benefit from them, rather than struggling to handle unhealthy ingredients.

Lastly, they do save money over the long run since they are usually targeted and multi-purpose. For example, the creams and lotions identified above provide more than a single benefit, allowing you to skip the sun block if you opt for a UV protection serum or to forgo targeted anti-aging serums and use a single cream.
Scientific breakthroughs aside, natural formulas like those we've looked at here have many proven benefits that you'll want to point out to buyers.

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