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Private Label Skin Care

We offer 400+ stock private label skin care, which you can label under your own logo. Check the products on this page and make sure to check our other collections and categories. There is a lot of information and products on our website, we are also working on new products launches and more trendy selections at low minimums so you can launch your beauty brand in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

And since we receive a lot of emails with certain questions, we have tried our best to add more information about everything related to private/ white label cosmetic contract manufacturing, you can skip this and scroll down to the actual products.

What is private label skin care? 

Private label products are produced by contract manufacturers and are sold under the retailer ’s brand name. Retailers (such as salons, cosmetic companies, doctors, spa owners, drug stores, department stores..) usually specify all information about their own brand products, including the packaging in the product, the packaging method, and the appearance of the label. 

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Skincare Line?

The start-up cost to start your own skin care product line may be between US$1,000 and US$10,000. The price depends on your initial order number, the product selected, packaging, and other elements such as logo and graphic design. It is important for you to check with your private label company for the minimum order quantity.

Do they require you to buy 50, 250, 5,000  units at a time? Do they sell in bulk so you can start with lower quantity? 

When you start a business or your own beauty brand, try to evaluate your budget and check if your contract manufacturer accepts other payment options such as credit cards or Paypal in which you can use to finance your project.  

How To Start a Skincare Line 

Launching your own skincare products can be very exciting . However, like any new business, the path to sustainable success can be full of difficulties. Finding the right private label skin care company to work with is its first step. 

And before entering the world of selling its own brand of skincare products, here are four important steps to start the skin care business.

1- Decide on what type of products you will be offering:

Are your products going to be luxury type or natural type? what are the consumers or markets you will be targeting? 

2- Design your brand look 

Creating a beauty brand is more than a name. Think of the logo, the colors of your labels, and packaging. Many different factors make brands commemorative to consumers. Each of these elements should help reach your target audience and turn them into loyal customers. All industries, including private label cosmetics, should consider the details of their brands in order to improve product quality for the benefit of the entire business. Check our Pinterest brand design board to get some ideas.

3- Think of a long term plan

Branding is an element that connects companies and consumers at the individual level. This is why shoppers feel good when buying goods. In fact, the brand promises to distinguish you from the closest competitor, who also sells your products. A successful brand strategy can illustrate your actions. Of course, you want to make money; everyone does it. But what persuaded you to sell the products or services provided? What makes you better than your competitors? What is your brand story? your brand must have a story, read more about the power of stories in beauty branding 

4- Pick a good target niche and market

Decide whether you want to sell your products on your website or social media or at a department store or on Amazon before you start designing your brand as each market is different. if you decide to sell on Amazon, make sure to read our article about selling private label products on Amazon and check Amazon's best sellers for white label products.

Any product that starts with a NATURAL word in its name is a product that is made mostly of natural ingredients as much as possible, these products contain between 50-80% organic ingredients.

And as you may know, natural products may do not look or feel like some upscale products, for example, Chanel, Estee Lauder... products are upscale type of products, they may contain some good number of natural oils and botanicals but in order for these products to look high end and smell great, they have to use certain ingredients that are not classified as natural.

So if you are looking for products that of "upscale" look, feel, and smell, then please check our products that do not have a NATURAL word at the start of the product's name. 

Our private label skin care is divided into several collections or categories to make it easier for you when navigating through our website.

Below in blue color are the private label skin care collections we offer, you can either click the previous link or click any link below to learn more about each collection or category, we have a huge website and over 400+ stock products to choice from, click on each link to view products or scroll down to see products listed.

We at Goodvara Laboratories offers 400+ stock private label products that are ready to be under your own logo, you can find most of these products are on this website. 

You can easily order either as packaged with 50-100 units per product minimum or as bulk by the gallon. The vast products selections making GoodVara, LLC a great option for wholesalers, startups, and big corporations. Our high-quality ingredients, formulas, and packaging will give your brand a professional look that attracts consumers’ interest. The selection of skin care products available for you to choose from include:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Serums
  • Gels
  • Masks
  • Scrubs
  • Anti-aging, Skin pigmentation, Acne, basic skin care

And in addition to our stock private label skincare, we can do custom formulas based on your specifications.  If you don't see a product you like here, we can help you make it as custom formula. 

Our variety of white label skin care, means that you’ll find the right product to meet the specific skin needs of your customers, whether they want to repair their damaged skin or be able to help glow their skin, or want to achieve pure, glowing, healthy skin.

Be sure to check all our private label cosmetics including essential oils wholesale, bath salts, private label baby products, and our latest private label skin care by clicking these links to learn more about each product.

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