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Specialty Products

At GoodVara, LLC, we're private label skin care manufacturers that offer a wide range of private label skin care products, including several specialty products like scar and bruise repair, skin toning/body firming, and much more. You can start building your own line of unique, quality products that your customers will love.

Natural Solutions

All of our products are FDA registered, our manufacturing process is GMP compliant, and we never compromise on ingredients.

We use the highest-quality natural ingredients to ensure the final product is one you want to put your name on. We do not use artificial ingredients and chemicals for fragrance and colors, and instead use natural oils and vitamins that deliver great results without unwanted side effects.

Get Custom Specialty Skin Products

The selection you see listed here is just the beginning.

If you're interested in a formula or product you don’t see here, we will check with our cosmetic R&D department to see if there is something that will match your requirements without the need for customization. (This allows us to offer products with a smaller minimum order – usually around 5,000 units per product.)

However, if you are looking for a new and unique specialty skin-care product, we can customize something for you from the ground up. (Though the minimum order will go up to around 5,000 to 10,000 units per product.)

Take a look at our selection of private label specialty products and start building your new line today.

In addition to our speciality products collection, we offer:

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wholesale essential oil
Vitamin C 20% Serum Shea Butter  All Over Body Scrub
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bulk lavender essential oil hyaluronic acid serum
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