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Private Label Essential Oils

At GoodVara, LLC, you’ll find a variety of private label stock pure essential oils wholesale. Our wide variety of stock private label of pure essential oils are filled and packaged right here at our facilities in the USA. Our essential oils are 100% pure, and we will NOT accept any inquiry that asks us to dilute or add some jojoba or other oils to cheapen the product. There are many of these diluted or altered essential oils being sold on Amazon, but quality essential oil labs like ours do not compromise by filling and packaging overseas. Even at 50% dilution these essential oils will smell and look the same as the pure product to the consumer. Without specialized testing for purity, consumers can be duped into overpaying for impure essential oils. At GoodVara, LLC, our prices may not be the lowest, but our quality is second to none.

We offer single note essential oils and essential oil blends as well as essential oil kits. Please email us if you don't see a formula you are interested in and we will check our R&D library to see if there is something that  matches what you are looking for.

Our stock private label has a minimum order of 5,000 units as filled. 

Be sure to check all our private label body and bath products including bath salts, private label baby products, private label skin care products and more to create a full line of your own by clicking the links below to look through each category and then clicking on each product to learn more about it.

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