Research & Development

GOODVARA, LLC Research & Development of more than 20+ years in the personal care / beauty industry, our company is the name behind many brands in the market today.

Through the years we have invented so many new concepts and brought new ideas to the beauty industry in the US and around the world.

Our first class brand consultants and research & development team are here to work with you on all of your ideas to bring your concept to the market.

We don’t just create formulas, we develop BRANDS, we help you from concept to finish.

For custom formulas, we charge  $1500-$3000+ per product chemist fee. It will require two months to develop a sample for you, and only after you pay the fee in advance of the work. Once you approve of the sample, it may requires another three months to pass stability testing. Upon passing stability, it requires from six to eight weeks to receive your first order. Minimum orders for custom formulas range from 5000-10000 per product.

If you have the budget and time for custom formulas please feel free to email us, make sure to send us as much information on what you are looking for.