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Guide To Selling Private Label Skincare Products On Amazon

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Are you a startup entrepreneur? Do you want to sell your private label skin care brand on Amazon? It is easy to do so. What does private-label mean, and how can you get started selling these products on Amazon? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Private Label Skin Care Product?

If something is called private label or white label, it means that the product is made by a company that doesn’t brand the product. Instead, they sell the product as a generic item in bulk to retailers, who can then sell the item under their own brand name.

Here an Example

Say you are a brand that sells gym clothing, and you want to add a basic gray t-shirt to your product catalog.

There are companies out there that make basic gray t-shirts with no brand name on the tag.

You can purchase these shirts in bulk at wholesale prices and then sell them under your own brand name.

This allows you to save a ton of money in production, and also means you can add new products to your inventory very quickly.

You have the power to react to trends and demand much more quickly. Selling white-label or private-label products on Amazon takes a while to get you a successful online seller.

So, let’s talk about how to get started with this process.

Start by Choosing the Product

The first step to selling skin care products on Amazon is to choose the products you are going to sell.

  • Aim to sell products that people want to buy

  • Start with an idea of what do your customer’s main problem is, then consider what kinds of products would solve that problem

  • If their problem is that they struggle to feel productive at their messy desk, desk organizers maybe your best selling item.

Keep in mind what your target audience needs, and then start looking at the options available to you from wholesalers.

You'll want to look for products that are ranked very highly by buyers through other sellers.

One way to do research is by searching Amazon on the top 100 products in each category. Look for generic items that are ranked very highly, and try to make them lightweight if you can.

This will save you money and keep the price of the item low.

The next step is to get an idea of how much supply already exists to meet the demand. Make sure to stay away from products that are already saturating the market.

You may find that a product you wanted to sell is being overpriced by many sellers. Note anything you learn about the market for that product and use that information to decide what you’ll sell and how you’ll sell it.

Now Get in Touch with Your Supplier

The next step is to actually find a supplier and contact them.

Most Amazon sellers who want white label products look for private label skin care manufacturers that are easy to work with.

Make sure to find the right supplier that can always be on your side when your product starts getting popular.

Moving on to Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to get the products finished for your brand. You’ll want to have branded packaging created to put on the products, which can be created by graphic designers or digital artists.

You will also need to create a good product description when you list them online. Make sure that your new product is presented in a way that represents your brand the way you want.

Sign up For FBA and Get Started

Next sign up for FBA which is Amazon itself will store and ship your orders. Your job turns more towards customer service and managing the rest of your business.

To sum it up selling white label products through Amazon is a fast way to expand your product catalog.

Once you’ve researched the products you want to sell, find a supplier, get your branded packaging designed, and start listing your products.

Let Amazon handle the fulfillment and you’ve got a new stream of passive income that is building your brand name at the same time.

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