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FAQ About Our Stock Private Label and Custom Private Label Products and Services:

Stock private label products and white label are the products you see on our website and they are sold AS IS, no formula changes, Goodvara Laboratories offers the largest stock private label products options in North America, with 100s of stock packaging options. Please read the FAQ page to understand how's our small quantities stock private label offering. (any quantity that is less than 5000 units per product is considered small).

1- Minimum order:

Packaged = 50-100 units PER PRODUCT as packaged in jar or bottle as shown on our website (on each product page) for a good number of our stock private label products (not products, as some may have 100 or 600 units as minimum), you will be able to see whether we offer 50 units as a minimum on product page itself. Minimum order in bulk = 1 gallon PER PRODUCT

We offer packaged quantities that start from 50, then goes up to 250, 1000, 5000, 10,000, we may not offer 100 units or 500 units, so if you are looking to order 100 units, please order two of the 50 units or if you are looking to order 500 units, please order two of the 250 units, you will not get any price break at 100 units, you need to follow with the 50 units prices for 100 units, same thing for 500 units, follow the 250 prices. This again applies for 2000 units or 3000 units, if we do not offer this quantity on our website, please check the prices for the quantity that is less than 2000, like 1000 units or increase your order from 2000 units to 5000 units to get the prices for the 5000 units.

2- Stock Private Label Packaging and sizes

Packaged products are ONLY offered at the 100s of different types of bottles and jars, each product may display different type of packaging, whether the product is a cream, serum, oil or gel, you can NOT change the packaging at any quantity less than 5,000 units PER PRODUCT, PER SCENT, PER COLOR. You can send your own packaging when you order 5000 units PER PRODUCT, PER SCENT, PER COLOR.

Same thing goes to the sizes of packaging are offered on the website, you can NOT change the sizes for anything less than 5000 units PER PRODUCT, PER SCENT, PER COLOR. 

You can buy in bulk and either fill at your facility or send to a contract filler as well. Using whatever jars/ bottles shapes or color you like or whatever sizes you like.

There are some great cosmetic packaging companies who sell high end cosmetic jars and bottles at low minimums, they will ship directly door to door from overseas to your address in the US, check here for all your packaging needs. Just search for cosmetic jars or cosmetic bottles. Many of our clients buy their own packaging and fill too. 

Samples sizes for any stock packaging: we DO NOT offer any sizes that are different from the retail sizes as stock private label, the minimum for pouch or small jars or small bottles (1 ml, 2ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml ..), the minimum order for small/ sample size is 50,000 units PER PRODUCT, PER SCENT, PER COLOR. You can simply order one gallon and fill some samples sizes yourself to give for free to your customers.

It is easy to fill at your facility, there are small single head semi automatic machines that are very affordable, many of our clients have been using such machines and were able to add more and more products to their brands.

You can buy one gallon and fill 120+ units of 1 oz size at very low cost on our website and fill it yourself, check the below machines, they are affordable and work very well, just make sure to ask the supplier to send you 110v not 220v and make sure the electrical plug is a US plug, check these affordable excellent tabletop cosmetic filing machines, or click the banner below to find an affordable filling machine.


2- Labeling the jars and bottles:

We can ONLY apply labels for orders of 5,000 PER PRODUCT, PER SCENT, PER COLOR, for any order less than 5,000 units, we will ship the jars/ bottles without labels, you simply need to order your labels and apply them yourself or send to a contract filler to do this service for you. You can buy labels from or Avery  or or any label company of your choice, simply measure your jar or bottle and order yourself, or send them the jar/ bottle and have them customize the labels for you. For label designs, you can find affordable, great label designers here 


Label cost can vary between $0.05-0.07 per label for 10,000 labels to $0.70-1+ per label for 50-250 labels, all depend on your label design, colors used, label size. Of course the cost of labels is somehow high for 50 units orders. this is acceptable for our small/ startup clients, once your business picks up, you will be able to reduce the cost of labels by ordering larger quantity.

3- Individual Box Printing

We don't offer boxes, but you can check some of best boxes suppliers that have low minimums and offer great prices. We can only offer assembly services of boxes for 5,000 units PER PRODUCT, PER SCENT, PER COLOR

4- Seals on Bottles/ Jars for packaged products

The stock bottles or jars we offer do not have individual seals, all bottles that come with a disk cap or any type of cap come without a seal on the opening, if you like to have your bottles with a seal then please either order 5000+ units per product or buy in bulk and fill at your facility with your choice of bottles, caps with a seal. 

5- Prices on our website: 

All prices are FOB from one of our facilities. If you are buying from the website, the final shipping cost you pay when you check out for any order of 50 units per product and more, may not be the final shipping cost, the final cost could be less or more and will be determined at the time of the shipping, we do our best to get the lowest shipping cost for all customers, we can't determine the EXACT shipping cost before your order is finished and ready to go.

6- Lead times:

Samples order for 1-3 units per product = lead time 1-3 weeks.

Actual orders lead time (any order for 10+ units per product and all bulk orders by the gallon) = approximately 8-10 weeks and may extend to 10-12 weeks if there are issues with packaging availability due to COVID19.

Lead time starts from the day we get the payment on the invoice + all materials, labels, boxes and everything else related to your order. Also lead time starts from the day we get all your signature on all formulas approval forms and the invoice. 

7- Payment terms: In general 100% in advance by wire transfer, no exception. We may accept other payments terms such as 50% in advance and balance before delivery for clients we already worked with for a certain period of time and at specific sales volume. 

8- Samples ordering: you can order samples on this website if product offered as a sample and can be ordered or you can email us the list of samples you are interested in and your address so our sales team can send you the total cost. Only 2 units PER PRODUCT of samples IS ALLOWED.

Online samples ordering is for US customers only, international customers need to email us with the samples they are interested in purchasing with their address we will then email them back with the final cost.

9- Getting prices for all items or getting ingredients for all items: we get emails asking us to send catalogs or PDF files on 400+ stock private label items, prices and full ingredients list, we do NOT offer such catalogs or files, you can simply navigate through the website of the products you are interested in and you can find the prices on each product, if a product have no prices please feel free to email us. In regard of full ingredient list for 200+ products we will not post them online, you can simply email us to get this info, we will need your full company name, your full name, your address, your website, your phone # in order to release this info.

10- Copy any content or text or products descriptions or products benefits from our website is PROHIBITED, as a private label, you buy the products from us and label them under your own brand/ logo, you are required to do your own marketing, your own product descriptions and benefits based on the product ingredients. Everything on this website/ on all of our social media or online/ offline contents are COPYRIGHTED, you are not allowed to copy the products names or make similar names or copy the products information/ descriptions, benefits, and everything else.

11- Final shipping cost: for any bulk order of 1 gallon or more and for packaged products order of 50 units or more will be emailed to you at the time of shipping, the initial shipping cost you will pay at the checkout when you place your order is not the final shipping cost, we will only know the actual/ final shipping cost when your order is done and ready to ship.

12- Storage Fees: Once products are ready to shipped, the customer has 5 business days to pay the balance and for the final shipping cost, and have the order shipped to their address, or the customer agrees to pay a $300/pallet/month storage fee. All final orders consist of 10% overage or underage from the original quantity ordered. All orders that have not been picked up within 6 months of invoice date will be discarded at customer expense.

13- Fulfillment of the Order: follows the invoice, our production and shipping departments will only look at the invoice specifications, they will fill, ship orders based on what is on the invoice, please do NOT pay for your order if there is something that does not meet your order, your discussions with our sales & customer service departments will not be considered when fulfilling or shipping the order. Please make sure the invoice you have received and paid for is what is you actually ordering, if you need to change anything, you can only change within 24 hours of your order. Make sure to get a confirmation from our customer service for any changes.

All orders are FINAL, can't be changed, exchanged, or canceled.

14- Sales taxes: If you are a wholesaler who is based in CA, NM or KS, you will need to provide a resale permit per your state, and fill out the form we send you once you place your order. We don't normally charge sales taxes on any wholesale order/ private label orders that are not sample orders, but we do request that you should be aware that once your order is ready, you must provide the resale certificate plus fill out the form, based on the specific state sales taxes law, the resale number/ certificate MUST be under the same name, and address that match your order with us. If you can't provide the resale permit/ fill out the form on a timely manner before we ship your order, and within 3 days of your order completion, our accounting will add sales taxes to your invoice, based on the state retail tax law where you company is based. 

15- Claims: Please check the shipment within 5 days of receiving the shipment from the carrier and report any issue to the carrier and to our customer service. No claims are acceptable after 5 days from the date of receiving the shipment based on the carrier/ shipping company date of delivery. 

16- Prices: We do everything we can to ensure that the prices on our websites are correct, and we try to keep our prices constant. Sometimes we need to change the cost of a product, either up or down.

  • Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. 
  • Prices listed in any other websites may not be accepted. We sell our products through a number of different online channels and we cannot always control when they are updated. We reserve the right not to accept a price listed on a site other than our own.


Can I get more info? we probably get 100s of such emails every week, we don't have more info to send out, you can simply navigate through our website and read this FAQ page to understand more.

I sent email few days back but no one answered me: We try our best to answer customers within 24-48 business hours, if your question is answered on this page or if it is already answered on the product page, we may not be able to prioritize the response to your email, we ask you kindly to read this page first.

What is your minimum order?: this is the most popular question and surprisingly enough it is answered on almost EVERY product page and again on this FAQ page.

How do I design my label? it takes time and effort for each startup company to do their own brand design or what it called BRANDING, it is the most exciting time for every new entrepreneur, you can visit our Pinterest board to get some inspiration or join us on instagram @goodvara.privatelabel

Can I add an ingredient or change scent or remove an ingredient of any of the 400+ stock private label products? the answer is NO, you can only do a custom formula to get what you are after, even if you like to remove one ingredient, lower /increase the percentages of one ingredient or change/ lower/ increase the scent, any single change to any formula will be a custom formula and will need a new stability testing, please read below in BLUE color about custom formulas chemist fee and minimum as well as the time involved.

Do you sell DIY cosmetic bases? yes of course, most of our products are sold in bulk/ in gallons, some of them are UN-scented and are ready for your own creativity.

Do you fill products if we send our bulk? we can ONLY fill our own bulk, we do NOT accept bulk products from other companies, we are not a contract filler.

Do you offer drop ship? Sorry we are a manufacturer, we are not a fulfillment company or a distributor specialized in drop shipping, we DO NOT OFFER DROP SHIP, what you need to do is: order the minimum which is 50-100 units PER PRODUCT, label the bottles/ jars yourself and ship to your customers yourself or send these to a fulfillment company so they can handle the shipping for you.

What Products Are In High Demand Right Now?

We can simply say that skin care mud masks, glow mask, skin scrubs, face serums are in very high demands from our private label products and white label buyers.

What Items Sell Best On Amazon and What Works Best for Amazon Private Label?

Some of our products are best sellers of private label products on Amazon , as one of the best private label manufacturers in North America we continue to bring more innovations and white label products ideas.

Two of most frequent questions we get:

  1. What products are in high demand right now
  2. Best products to sell on Amazon

Top Amazon products are those products that are sold as amazon private label not the well known brands.

How Do I Start My Own Makeup Brand or Skin Care Line?

It is maybe known that starting a private label cosmetics line may get costly, however, our approach makes it easy for you to start with a low budget, our low minimum offers can get you started with less than $1,000, here is a link for an article that can answer other question such as how much does it cost to start a makeup line 

Do You Need a License To Sell Skin Care Products?

Anyone can sell cosmetics and skincare, you don't need to have a specific license to sell other than your own business license which you can get easily from the chamber of commerce at your city, we don't require you to send us a copy of this license unless the products are under professional category (coming soon), you can order any product from our website and sell in your store, on your website ...

How Do I Determine The Retail Price Of My New Brand Products?

Many startups and small business struggle to understand how to price their new products under their own private label or white label or logo, some even look at companies that sell at Sephora or high end department stores or even Amazon or Wal-mart ... and compare their products prices to these companies. The one thing that any new startup in cosmetics need to understand that if you are only able to order the very low minimum of for example packaged products we sell at 50 units and the price for the 50 units is $9.00 per unit (which does not include the label cost or box cost, if you will be doing a an outer fancy box), lets say that the final cost is $11.00 per unit and a similar product sells on Amazon for $19-21, you would be thinking that how can I compete? in this case, you need to remember that the seller on Amazon normally buys at volume, may be 10,000 unit or even 100,000 units at once which allows them to get a low price for their product, that could be around $3-4 and they market it up at $19-21, also we have noticed some Amazon sellers who actually sell volume, their profit margin maybe few cents or some may not even make profit at all, their technique is go for the whole picture, they may offer 30+ products and at the end they are retaining customers, they possibly opt to get even on a product or two or even 3, but at the same time they are building their customer base.

When you are a startup or a small company that buy at 50 units of 250 units or even 1000 units, you need to think about branding first, you don't have to copy others, you can brand your product differently and sell at different markets, higher end or through social media/ salons/ spas .. instead of selling your product at $19-21, you can possibly sell it at $40-200, which is why we have launched high end packaging, so our smaller clients can sell their products at higher prices.

Here an example on how much profit you can do:

Cost of 50 units at $9.00/ per unit = $450

Additional cost (labels, boxes) = will vary, you don't have to make a box for such small quantity or if you are a start up = $1 x 50 = $50

Total cost of 50 units of product = $500

Retail Price = $38

50 units at $38 = $1,900

$1,900 - $500 = $1,400 profit for only 50 units of one product, if you have 5 products that you bought at 50 units x $9 per unit = $1,400x 5 = $7,000 for only 250 units (50 units per product, 5 products total)

Other very popular question we receive: the price of the product at 50 units is higher than the retail price at Wal-mart or CVS = again, sellers who sell to Wal-mart, Target, CVS or mass market, buy in huge quantities, they do not buy 50 units, their profit margin maybe by the cent, $0.10 or $0.30 per unit max. The products we have as stock private label are NOT mass market products, plus most mass market products are made in China not US.

Custom private label products are the products that are made custom for you based on your specifications:

For custom formulas, we charge  $1500-$3000+ per product chemist fee. It will require two months to develop a sample for you, and only after you pay the fee in advance of the work. Once you approve of the sample, it requires another three months to pass stability testing. Upon passing stability, it requires from six to eight weeks to receive your first order, and this too depends upon when we receive labels and package. Minimum orders for custom formulas range from 5000-10000 per product.

Documents and certificates: 

Documents we provide for free for customers who order products: (takes 1-4 weeks)

1- Certificate of Analysis  (CofA), we are sorry we can't provide certificate of analysis for customers that have not ordered yet since the the CofA must be produced per bulk per your order.


3- Ingredients list (you can request ingredients list before you order products but we will need your full name, your actual company name, company address, company phone #, company website.

Other Documents we MAY provide for a FEE for customers who order products:

1- Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), this certificate cost $150 and is produced by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, you MUST have the products done to be able to get these certifications, we understand that some countries will not allow you to import products without this certificate but to be legally in compliance, your products, your brands must be sold freely in the United States of America to be able to get the CFS, check this link here to learn  more,

2- Other documents and certification needed per country, we may or may not be able to provide you, we will be happy to help you as much as we can, we have helped many customers to get EU and other countries registration, the process is not easy but this is not something a manufacturer must do, it is the responsibility of the client to do their own research and educate themselves on what is needed to import products to their countries and same thing applies for US companies to export to other countries and for this reason and to make help our customers we have partnered with several consultants that we can refer you to, they will be happy to help you get all the files required for your country, these consultants charge their own fees and are not part of our company, feel free to email us. Read more about regulatory for cosmetics

3- We now offer a Product Information File (PIF): PIF is mandatory for all cosmetic products placed in the European Union market. If you want to sell cosmetic products in the EU, there are certain compliance requirements you must achieve, which include the most extensive requirement, the PIF, and most contract manufacturers do not provide the PIF since each PIF is related to that specific product, under your own brand name.

In addition, the cost of creating the PIF is very high ( can be100s of pages in many cases), most consultants charge between $5000-10,000 per product to just complete one product PIF, Goodvara Laboratories is working with our top consultants to make it easier for our clients to expand their business in Europe, and other countries, with much less cost, so far we have been successful in helping our clients to obtain the PIF at around $2,000-3,000 per product, the cost can be lower with more product under the same brand, for example: 5 products PIF cost is around $8,000-9,000 instead of $10,000-15,000.

Goodvara is also expanding its manufacturing facilities to include some EU countries, and in 2023 we will be announcing the manufacturing & shipping within EU, which will offer our clients a few advantages:

A- For our US or non-EU customers, they can possibly order products through one of our EU facilities, bypassing all PIF and EU products approvals (and the high cost of getting the products in the EU), and saving on shipping of their products from the US to the EU. 

B- For our EU customers, they will be able to get their products directly through one of our EU, bypassing all PIF and EU products approvals, and saving on shipping of their products from the US to the EU. 

This way, and for our Amazon sellers, they can easily sell on , , and other Amazon in the EU. 

More information will be released in the first quarter of 2023. Please make sure to email us for more information at, and subscribe to our newsletter. 
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