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FAQ About Our Stock Private Label and Custom Private Label Products and Services:

FAQ for stock private label products:


Stock private label products and white label are the products you see on our website and they are sold as is, no formula changes:

1- Minimum order: 1 gallon in bulk, you can either order 1 gallon, 10 gallons, 25 gallons, 55 gallons (there is no 5 gallons, you can simply order 5 units of the 1 gallon size). For filled products, our minimum is 5000 units per product, per scent, per size, no exception. If you are looking for less quantity than 5000 units ( per product, per scent, per size) you can simply order in bulk and either fill at your facility or send to a contract filler.

 2- Packaging: we don't sell packaging, you can buy your own packaging from any packaging company such as   or or any other packaging company, just make sure to send us samples of the packaging before you buy large quantity so we can check if we can fill these bottles/ jars ... 

3- Prices on our website: 

For bulk: they include the gallon or drum container.

For filled products: you will need to ship us your packaging, please add $0.40/unit label application fee for 5000 units and $0.25/ unit for 10,000+ units (this price does not include label cost, you can check with any label company on label cost by sending them your bottle and artworks and they will be able to tell you the cost of label)

4- Box printing: We don't offer any outer boxes services, we are not printing company, we can assemble your bottle/ jar in your box at $0.75/ unit.

5- Lead time: In general 8-10 weeks start from the day we get the payment on the invoice + all materials, labels, boxes and everything else related to your order. Also lead time starts from the day we get all your signature on all formulas approval forms and the invoice. 

6- Payment terms: In general 100% in advance by wire transfer, no exception. We may accept other payments terms such as 50% in advance and balance before delivery for clients we already worked with for a certain period of time and at specific sales volume. 

7- Samples ordering: you can order on the website if product offered as a sample and can be ordered or you can email us the list of samples you are interested in and your address so our sales team can work on the final cost for you. Online samples ordering is for US customers only, international customers need to email us with the samples they are interested in purchasing with their address we will then email them back with the final cost.

8- Prices for products: while we are doing our best to show prices for as many as we can of stock private label products, our marketing team is still working on other products so if you don't see prices for stock products please email us the product you are interested in, make sure to add the size and the quantity.

9- All prices are FOB from one of our facilities in CA and Midwest.

10- Getting prices for all items or getting ingredients for all items: we get emails asking us to send catalogs or PDF files on 400+ stock private label items, prices and full ingredients list, we do NOT offer such catalogs or files, you can simply navigate through the website of the products you are interested in and you can find the prices on each product, if a product have no prices please feel free to email us. In regard of full ingredient list for 200+ products we will not post them online, you can simply email us to get this info, we will need your full company name, your full name, your address, your website, your phone # in order to release this info.

More questions we get:

What Products Are In High Demand Right Now?

We can simply say that skin care mud masks, glow mask, skin scrubs, face serums are in very high demands from our private label products and white label buyers.

What Items Sell Best On Amazon and What Works Best for Amazon Private Label?

Some of our products are best sellers of private label products on Amazon , as one of the best private label manufacturers in North America we continue to bring more innovations and white label products ideas.

Two of most frequent questions we get:

  1. What products are in high demand right now
  2. Best products to sell on Amazon

Top Amazon products are those products that are sold as amazon private label not the well known brands.

How Do I Start My Own Makeup Brand or Skin Care Line?

It is maybe known that starting a private label cosmetics line may get costly, however, our approach makes it easy for you to start with a low budget, our low minimum offers can get you started with less than $1,000, here is a link for an article that can answer other question such as how much does it cost to start a makeup line 

Do You Need a License To Sell Skin Care Products?

Anyone can sell cosmetics and skincare, you don't need to have a specific license to sell other than your own business license which you can get easily from the chamber of commerce at your city, we don't require you to send us a copy of this license unless the products are under professional category (coming soon), you can order any product from our website and sell in your store, on your website ...

Custom private label products are the products that are made custom for you based on your specifications:

For custom formulas, we charge  $1500-$3000+ per product chemist fee. It will require two months to develop a sample for you, and only after you pay the fee in advance of the work. Once you approve of the sample, it requires another three months to pass stability testing. Upon passing stability, it requires from six to eight weeks to receive your first order, and this too depends upon when we receive labels and package. Minimum orders for custom formulas range from 5000-10000 per product.

Documents and certificates: 

Documents we provide for free for customers who order products: (takes 1-4 weeks)

1- Certificate of Analysis  (CofA), we are sorry we can't provide certificate of analysis for customers that have not ordered yet since the the CofA must be produced per bulk per your order.


3- Ingredients list (you can request ingredients list before you order products but we will need your full name, your actual company name, company address, company phone #, company website.

Other Documents we MAY provide for a FEE for customers who order products:

1- Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), this certificate cost $150 and is produced by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, you MUST have the products done to be able to get these certifications, we understand that some countries will not allow you to import products without this certificate but to be legally in compliance, your products, your brands must be sold freely in the United States of America to be able to get the CFS, check this link here to learn  more,

2- Other documents and certification needed per country, we may or may not be able to provide you, we will be happy to help you as much as we can, we have helped many customers to get EU and other countries registration, the process is not easy but this is not something a manufacturer must do, it is the responsibility of the client to do their own research and educate themselves on what is needed to import products to their countries and same thing applies for US companies to export to other countries and for this reason and to make help our customers we have partnered with several consultants that we can refer you to, they will be happy to help you get all the files required for your country, these consultants charge their own fees and are not part of our company, feel free to email us. Read more about regulatory for cosmetics

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