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Private Label Skin Cleansers and Toners

We offer a wide variety of stock private label skin care cleansers, facial wash as well as facial toners, face sprays and make up setting sprays, you will see some on this page.

Over 60+ cleansers, toners, makeup setting sprays that can white label/ private label under your own logo or buy in bulk/ wholesale.

You can also use the unscented face wash or toners/ face sprays as DIY bases to customize at your facility.

Make sure to check our private label skin care product collections to add other products to your brand.

What is Facial Cleanser & Face Wash?

Cleansing the face should be an integral part of daily skin care. Cleaning helps remove extra oil, makeup, dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. It can refresh your skin and give your complexion a chance to breathe. It also prepare your skin to apply facial moisturizers or makeup products. Different people have different skin types, and these skin types have different needs.

Facial wash is made to clean your skin. Cleansers are used to remove dirt, oils, makeup, remains of pollution, and dead skin cells and help in un-clogging pores and exfoliation of the top skin cells. Face wash main role is to clean your skin without stripping it.

Best Face Wash

You can find best facial cleanser for your private label skin brand here, the natural deep clearing scrubbing cleanser is great for women and men, it is UN-scented and it contains natural scrubbing ingredients to deeply purify the pores. The Botanical Creamy Facial Cleanser is best facial cleanser for dry skin and our pro glycolic face wash is our best face wash for all skin types.

What Is a Toner & Makeup Setting Spray?

Toner is made to remove last traces of impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face.

It comes in a liquid water-based form and can be infused with skin-balancing and soothing ingredients. You can usually find different formulas made specifically for your skin type.

What Does Toner Do ?

The toner's job is to gently freshen your skin without stripping it from its natural moisture​​.

Toner can also restore the pH of the skin, smooth the skin and improve the complexion by refining rough patches.

Best Toner

Our range of face toner are for all skin types,oily, sensitive, dry and mature, and the best toners can be used as a face spray or makeup setting sprays, we made it easily for you to switch toners application and use it as a face spray or makeup setting spray as well.

When it comes to best toner, our top seller is natural face spray with Aloe and rosewater.

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