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Are There Really Any Benefits to Activated Charcoal Beauty Products?

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You might already know that activated charcoal is something that has been in use for decades as a cleansing agent. As an example of this, it has appeared in air filtration systems for decades.

It is what many hospitals keep on hand to use whenever someone has suffered poisoning of some sort (chemicals bind to the charcoal and are safely removed with it). It is also appearing more and more often in anti-gas formulations, digestive cleansing programs, and is even applied directly to the teeth in order to whiten them.

Yet, it is also appearing in many beauty formulas. That is why you will want to speak with a premium private label manufacturer to see if they have any activated charcoal products for you to make available to your dedicated buyers (or create new traffic to your site!).

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal in Your Private Label Skin Care
So, just what could activated charcoal do in terms of beauty products? Let's consider what the experts say. "it works because toxins stick to the activated charcoal, it makes a good candidate for a deep cleanser and detoxifier. It’s all-natural and won’t add new chemicals to your skin and hair when you use it. Which means, less for your skin and hair to have negative reactions to and less risk of your hair being weighed down or your pores being clogged with a new ingredient".

What this means is quite simple; if your private label manufacturer offers an array of products featuring activated charcoal, it is most certainly a compound you want to offer in your private label skin care. You can market the different formulations to a surprising number of people; overcoming that classic problem of needing to narrow everything down to a niche.

Instead, this sort of product line would offer something for everyone. Consider that activated charcoal can:

  • Reduce pores and deep clean them - The older we get, the larger our pores become due to a loss of elasticity in the skin. Keeping pores entirely free of debris is then an essential. Activated charcoal can be used to bind to and remove dirt from deep in the pores, absorb excess oils and eliminate unwanted cells and material. This allows pores to return to a smaller size, acting as an anti-aging remedy.
  • Balances oily skin without drying - Many cleansing and toning formulas as intensely drying. However, when activated charcoal appears in cleansers or masks, it absorbs the excess oils while leaving the skin smooth and moisturized. A private label manufacturer should have at least one carefully formulated cleansing option to allow your buyers to enjoy this benefit of the ingredient.
  • Reduces acne - Too many mistakes are made about the ideal ways to handle acne prone skin. It should not be dried out, it should not have all oils removed and it should not be intensely scrubbed. Instead, an exfoliating cleanser that can bind to and remove toxins, balance the oils and leave the skin soft and smooth is best. This is something your private label skin care can provide if you choose the right producer.
  • Soothes skin that is irritated, injured or in need of healing - Whether it is cut, bee sting or old scar, the use of activated charcoal in a cleansing and/or moisturizing product can help to restore the skin. It can tame any infection or irritation and speed healing.
  • Deeply cleans any skin type - We can all benefit from deep cleaning of the pores, and your private label manufacturer may be able to supply you with an activated charcoal cleanser that is gentle enough for daily use, but which can also ensure that even the deepest deposits of oil or debris are removed.
  • Provide the finest hair care - Though we are emphasizing the addition of activated charcoal formulas in your private label skin care, don't overlook any hair care products that your private label manufacturer may offer. This is because activated charcoal can capture and remove toxins from the hair and scalp, add a bit of volume to hair that is weighed down by natural oils or debris, and even remedy some of the worst scalp issues (including dandruff or itchy scalp).

What all of this tells us is that buyers would benefit greatly from access to natural masks with charcoal ingredients, gentle cleansers, and teeth or hair products touting this ingredient.

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Choosing Your Activated Charcoal Products:

If you are ready to enhance your array of private label skin care products, or even develop a niche market, you need to find activated charcoal formulas. The private label skin care line has a long list of premium, effective, gentle and proven formulas that emphasize activated charcoal. They include:

  1. Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask - Get things off to a good start with this deeply purifying, cleansing and toning masks that detoxifies the skin and leaves it in great shape.
  2.   Charcoal Polishing Scrub - Another way to cleanse the skin and start a new skin care regimen with a "blank" but healthy slate is the use of this exfoliating and cleansing mask.
  3.   Natural Charcoal Mask - Glam Mud Mask- Begin any new skin care regimen with the use of this mask. It not only relies on the activated charcoal for its pore cleansing and skin toning benefits.
  4. Activated Charcoal Powder
  5. Natural Organic Charcoal Clear Skin Soap Bar With Tea Tree Oil

There are so many benefits to activated charcoal, and it is time that your line of private label cosmetics and skin care also benefited from it!

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