Collection: 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Mask


Most skin care peel-off masks (low end and many high-end masks) in the market contain a high percentage of a chemical known as Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) which is the main ingredient for the “peel off” function. PVA creates a plastic film on the skin, this plastic layer dries fast because of the alcohol, the dried film is then can easily be peeled off. 

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a binder, film former, and viscosity-increasing ingredient used in some cosmetics, however in order to get the peel-off function for the masks, the PVA must be used at a very high percentage, this percentage could be between 10-25%.

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) safety had been researched and discussed for over 30 years, some research found it to be safe at low percentages, but others were concerned about the high percentages used in the popular peel-off masks on the human skin. 

Some other peel off masks that are imported from China and Asia, in general, may contain other ingredients that give their masks the thickness and the fast drying time, these ingredients could be a type of glue not reported in the ingredients list.

Our unique 2- Phase Marine Peel Off Masks are made from the deep ocean marine seaweed.

Marine Seaweed is known as a valuable food source and nutritional supplement. They contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, and trace elements and have been used as a food source for centuries. Our marine seaweed is harvested organically and ethically from the coast of Brittany in France. 

The marine seaweed comes in many different shapes and colors, such as 1- laminaria which is a large brown seaweed that is known to be used as a natural cosmetic ingredient to soothe and stimulate collagen production, 2- spirulina is a blue-green type of algae/ seaweed which is very rich in antioxidants. 

High end & luxury skincare products such as La Prairie use marine seaweed in some of their products, as specified above, the algae or seaweed come in different shapes and give different effects on the skin, and our 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Masks use seaweed that is rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and alginic acid. The alginic acid is what gives our 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Masks the peel off function, this is a natural jelifying material that can help the formula to dry and easily peeled off, the Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) chemical is not used in our peel-off masks.

Until now, our 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Masks were only offered to high-end spas across the world, these spas are known for their thalassotherapy and natural spa experience. We now offer the same luxurious experience for you to be offered as a retail product for your own clients to get the same amazing effects offered at $200+ treatments at high-end spas. These masks show immediate glow and rejuvenating effects which make them suitable for at home facial kits as well as for social media to be used before applying makeup or as part of skin beautifying system. You can add a scrub and facial oil and if you are looking for latest unique trends, add our new miracle ONE DOSE capsules to make it a complete system.  

The 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Masks comes in one pouch that is divided in two parts (section) for one time use, enough for face and neck, each section contains part of the formula, the two parts (sections) are mixed in a bowl just before use and applied immediately on the face and the neck (if needed), the two parts have a gel type viscosity, they will blend together and form another 3rd formula when you mix them together, the formula starts to harden within few minutes so it is advisable to apply the mix on the face right away, leave it on the skin for 10-20 minutes and then peel it off. 

This unique product is launched this year ( 2021), we have 5 stock formulas, each formula contains special ingredients for specific effect and special color (pink, black, white, yellow, and green), these stock peel off masks are offered at 100 units per type in a white plain pouch (2 pouches attached), no labels, you will need to apply the labels at your facility.

We can offer printed pouches at 10,000 pouches per type, white pouch only, if you would like a different color, then the minimum is 30,000 pouch per type. We will be adding more types as stock formulas later this year and we will be happy to offer a custom mask for you at 10,000 masks minimum with a white pouch and your logo printed on the pouch, each custom formula will cost around $3,000 per formula (chemist fee only) and takes 6-9 months to be completed. 

The pouch is 2 phase pouch, which means two pouches attached as two different chambers.

Types of 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Mask

1- 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Gel Mask - Red Carpet Glow - Pink Color (as shown in video) with Spirulina Maxima Extract + Chitosan

2- 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Gel Mask- Skin Lifting & Firming- Light Orange Color with Prickly Pear Oil

3- 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Gel Mask- Skin Brightening & Clarifying - White Color with Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract +  Morus Bombycis Root Extract

4- 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Gel Mask - Enzyme Peeling & Skin Renewal - Light Yellow with Bromalin + Papin

 5- 2 Phase Marine Peel Off Gel Mask - Charcoal Deep Cleansing & Purifying - Black Color with Charcoal Powder + Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract