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Products for a Skin Care Vacation

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Applying makeup, taking it off and using skin serums and other products are all part of the daily routine for most women. However, even beneficial serums and cleansing or toning products can cause the skin to become congested. This leads to dull complexions, breakouts, signs of aging, and more. Because such results are contrary to your intended use of makeup and skincare products, these are reasons that most skincare experts advocate for a "break" from makeup and daily skincare routines.

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By break, they don't mean a long stretch of time without the use of makeup or other facial and skincare products. Instead, they recommend going bare faced on weekends or even following a routine 5:2 skin diet that eliminates makeup five days per week.

What a Skin Care Holiday Can Do?

What does this actually accomplish? As those same experts explained, "with the accumulation of all the make-up in our pores, no matter how rigorously we clean the skin, there will always be some make-up left behind." Eliminating it for a few days, and doing at least one deep cleaning can help to rebalance and restore the skin. Unclogging pores with a mask or pre-cleaning oil or makeup removing product, and then cleansing with a face wash and toner before going product free for a day or two can make a lot of difference.

During the break, you can enjoy a day or two of warm water washes in the morning, forgoing cleansers and toners at that time, too. Why? Cleansers remove debris but also strip away many beneficial, natural compounds. Letting the skin rebalance for that day or two is truly beneficial.

As there is no makeup and no other compounds on the skin, you can splash the face with warm water, blot it dry and then use a daytime moisturizer to support the skin throughout the day. The evening routine can be the same with a warm water rinse and even skipping an evening moisturizer just once per week to allow pores to remain open and unclogged, enabling them to shed any lingering waste materials.

The Products to Support the Makeup Break

Naturally, in the interim it is best to rely on products that can support the goals of your makeup vacation. Essentially, what you should rely on are lightweight and balanced moisturizers designed for day and evening use. You don't want anything with a lot of serum-like properties as this can cause the skin to react rather than just rebalance and cleanse itself.

You do need to consider your skin type as you choose the products to rely on during the makeup break. It is best to steer yourself towards products deemed suitable to all skin types. This ensures that you do not end up with a drying or overly oily formula that interferes with your skin's natural recovery processes. Some good choices include:  

  • Private Label Natural Face Spray With Aloe And Rosewater - MUST- HAVE: Though deemed well suited to sensitive skin types, it works for all skin types as it is oil free, lightweight and is 100% natural. Packed with organic ingredients, it has no artificial fragrance and can be used by women and men alike (it is also an ideal aftershave product that soothes and hydrates without clogging pores).
  • Private Label Natural Oil Free Soothing Moisturizer (for oily and sensitive skin): Unique in its formulation, this product does not bind with the oils in the skin, allowing it to penetrate deeper than other moisturizing lotions. No worries about a shiny complexion, as this product has a matte finish. It contains ingredients that actually help to rebalance and correct the skin's oil production, making it ideal for a makeup break and skin vacation. If you suffer from acne, frequent breakouts or uneven skin, this product is a wonderful treat for your face during any makeup break.
  • Private Label Deep Cellular Oxygenating Concentrate: Though we advised against serums or concentrates during a skin care break, this product is an exception. It provides those with all skin types with a glowing and fresh complexion due to its innovative concentrate that helps to delivery oxygen into the skin cells, increasing cellular renewal and overcoming the dulling effects of hormones, environment, and stress. Its unique blend of cell activators it can help you to regain a more youthful complexion, and especially if there are no other products interfering with it. It is best applied after a warm water rinse in the evening.

Get Things Started Properly

Of course, as you begin your makeup vacation, you need to consider that deep cleaning treatment. The combination of an exfoliating product along with a mask chosen for your skin type and conditions is best. Do your traditional cleansing and then use the exfoliating and masking compounds to eliminate any lingering debris. You can also use your toner, and one of the moisturizing agents recommended above. Then it is on to a few days of makeup and product free living.

It will make ever weekend feel like a real vacation. You won't be fussing over makeup and a daily skin care regimen, but will instead give yourself a refreshing splash and then apply a light moisturizer before the day begins or ends, and that's it!

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