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PRO Glycolic Acid Face Wash

PRO Glycolic Acid Face Wash

This private label professional grade glycolic acid wash is fortified with glycolic acid to renew the skin on daily bases. Offered by top medical spas and medical companies as a part of their glycolic/ AHA retail line. 

Gently remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresher, glowing skin underneath, increasing the absorption of your serums and moisturizers.

Our faces need cleansing at least twice a day, they get in contact with bacteria, pollutants, makeup ..... , washing the face is one of must do for a beautiful glowing skin, this glycolic acid cleanser will help in removing impurities, revitalize your skin and ward off potential skin breakouts. 

This resurfacing cleanser dissolves impurities instantly, leaving skin fresh and pure. It contains 3% glycolic acid to slough of dead skin safely and can be used on daily bases.

This professional strength glycolic acid cleanser assists in the elimination of dead skin cell build up and helps to loosen follicle impactions, fine lines are diminished, revealing a more youthful looking skin while clearing acne or pustules. 

Feel and smell amazing (green tea scent)


  1. 3% Glycolic Acid
  2. Lavender Extract
  3. Lemon Peel Extract
  4. Rose Hip Extract 
  5. Allantoin
  6. Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5)

Minimum quantity 1 gallon bulk, we can only fill 5000+ units, customer needs to send their own packaging and labels. Prices below don't include shipping cost

We will gladly fill in your jars/bottles, must be at least 5000+ per product, we don't accept clients to buy bulk from us and ask us to fill at their required size, we will need to work on new prices for you based on the quantity, size ... if the sizes are different from what it posted on the filled prices below.

Lead time 6-10 weeks.

Please check our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to get more info on labeling/ assembly costs. 

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