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Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus Sinensis) - Private Label - Medidermlab

Sweet Orange Essential Oil (Citrus Sinensis) - Private Label

Private label sweet orange essential oil, 100% pure.

DISCOVER THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL: - Have you ever wondered why Sweet Orange Oil is included in so many popular body lotions, room freshers, health and cleaning products? Derived from the Citrus Sinensi Orange plant, , it has been widely used for centuries for its health and beauty effects.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil benefits:

SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD: Helps Keep Your Kitchen Clean - Sweet Orange Oil has a fresh, natural and citrus smell that gives your kitchen a clean scent. You can clean up your appliances, stove, cutting boards or counter tops without the use of bleach or harsh chemicals found in most products.

PROTECT AND HEALS THE SKIN - Contains high levels of Vitamin C to help fight wrinkles, dark spots and promotes the production of collagen. It is a powerful antioxidant that slows the rate of skin damage from the sun's harmful UV rays. Also fights bacteria and inflammation that can lead to acne.


You can change the bottle to cobalt blue or green color.

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