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SkinWrap Peel Off Mask With Black Currant Extract (sensitive skin)

SkinWrap Peel Off Mask With Black Currant Extract (sensitive skin)

Size: I pouch/ 30 gram/ one time use.

Get an instant soothing effects with our new SkinWrap Masks, the Sensitive Powder Peel Off Mask With Black Currant Extract contains Ribes nigrum, or black currant which is a small fruits native to Europe. The edible fruit is a dark purple color and used in jam and juices, the popularity of black currents has recently increased due to its high concentration of antioxidants and vitamin C. Black currants are rich in both ellagitannins and anthocyanins which are polyphenols with anti-inflammatory properties that is excellent for irritated/ sensitive skin types. In addition our SkinWrap Power Peel Off Masks contain special type of seaweeds that give the gelling/ peel off, the characteristic of these masks, they come as powder, you only need to add water to the powder and mix it well and apply immediately on face and neck if needed in a thick layer, let it dry (takes 20-30 min to dry) and then peel it off in one piece. The masks change to a rubbery texture once they dry and they peel off very easily.

No Mess
No Preservatives Used

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