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Advanced Skin Lightening Concentrate

Advanced Skin Lightening Concentrate, Formula 2

A concentrated gel that brightens the skin and minimizes the number, size and intensity of dark spots. Contains alpha arbutin from original innovator (DSM) not from a counterfeit from Asia . Original ALPHA-ARBUTIN ingredient) usually whitens the skin by inhibiting the tyrosinase that forms aging exercise and produces skin tanning.

Compared with other arbutin (such as β-arbutin), it is expected that it will take four weeks to see the first visible result. In vivo studies have also shown that ALPHA-ARBUTIN can reduce the degree of sunburn of the skin after ultraviolet radiation and help minimize the appearance of liver spots.

Clinical studies of ALPHA-ARBUTIN show effects that are proven scientifically at low concentrations :

  • 1.0% more effective than Beta-Arbutin in the body
  • Nine times more effective than β-arbutin in vitro
  • Excellent tyrosinase inhibitory activity in vitro
  • High purity biosynthetic active ingredients
  • High performing enzyme related biotechnology

Other clinical studies compared the effects of ALPHA-ARBUTIN to Beta Arbutin, Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone: the results were showing that ALPHA-ARBUTIN is more effective than Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Beta Arbutin.

Minimum quantity 50 units, packaged in luxury glass bottle with a black pump, you can only change the bottle for 5000+ units.

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