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Bar Soap - Soap Bar

We offer a wide variety of stock private label bar soap for wholesale and bulk, you will see some on this page, these are sold as-is.

Who buys our wholesale, private label soap bars?

The premium positioning of the soap bar is growing, the soap bars we offer are not the type that offered at mass-market such as Wal-Mart, drug stores, and discount stores, our bars can be sold as a luxury and premium soap of monthly subscription type or indie type of brand, consumers are ready to pay a premium for quality natural soap bars, Dr.Squatch is an example of how to position a good soap bar in the market, and we do offer best soap bar for men at wholesale prices, and based on dr squatch soap review , we have formulated new soap bars in our mission to make best bar soap in the market.

Our soap bars are natural, contains around 80% organic ingredients. We can help you get organic certification which is a time-consuming and costly process, we can only do it for larger bulk orders, your first order must be at least 100,000+ soap bar per type.

All of our soap bars:

  1. Made from bases that are 100% organic oils and natural butters
  2. Scented with 100% pure essential oils
  3. Colored with natural herbs and plant extracts
  4. Contains NO artificial colors, NO artificial scents, NO parabens

Please note: our soap bars are naturally scented with essential oils at the permitted levels recommended by the FDA, if a soap bar scent is overpowering, then there is a good possibility that there is a synthetic scent has been added, even if the manufacturer claims "all-natural soap bar". Natural & Organic soap bars are not used as a perfume, they are used for their natural oils + essential oil benefits. 

How much a soap bar (likes ours) is sold at retail? it all depends on your market, your company size, your target audience ..., some companies sell a soap bar at $7, others have successfully sold one bar at $14. 

We can also do custom soap bars at 1000 bars per type as minimum and it takes 6-10 weeks for such customization. Our soap bars are of organic and natural sources.

Please check our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to get more info on labeling/ assembly costs. 

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