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Best Instant Self Tanning Lotion GodVara

#1 Best Instant Self Tanning Lotion

Private label skin care #1 Best Self Tanning Lotion is customers favorite self tanner! this luxurious lotion that provides excellent tanning effects without the need to use tanning beds or burn your skin in the sun.

While most self tanners and sunless tanning products leave an unappealing orange finish and streaks as well as an awful smell, our private label #1 Best Self Tanning Lotion and self tanner is all you need to achieve a golden brown, healthy-looking, bronze glow without any orange or even skin dryness. Get darker, glowing skin instantly and within few hours get that beautiful natural tan that you can only get on a tropical island.

Experience truly luxurious tan with our #1 Best Instant Self Tanning Instant Bronzer Lotion, here is why this private label lotion is the best:

  1. Most Natural Color
  2. No More Orange Tan
  3. Instant Color and within hours get the most beautiful tan.
  4. Dries fast
  5. No streak tan
  6. Reduce the risk from sun tanning or tanning beds
  7. Save money and time, no more $$ to visit tanning salons
  8. Paraben free
  9. Formula never tested on animals
  10. Suitable for all skin types
  11. Give medium to dark tan

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