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Private Label Cutting Edge Stem Cell Cream

Cutting Edge Stem Cell Cream

Private label skin care and cosmetics - Cutting-edge plant biotechnology for maximum anti-age repair. This moisturizing and age repair cream features a unique blend of plant stem cells from citrus fruits, anti-oxidants and other actives to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate skin. An amazing moisturizing cream deeply nourishes skin for intense hydration and soothing comfort while softening, plumping, firming, and illuminating the complexion. This formula improves visible signs of aging including the look of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, dehydration, and dullness, leaving skin radiant, soft, rejuvenated, and youthful-looking.

Latest technology product with plant stem cells, this is the latest in skin anti-aging repair, working on the structure of the actual dermal fiber to re-organize it from inside out, the results: skin that is smooth with less wrinkles and is tighter. Can we call this a youth in a jar?                                                              

What are plant stem cells?

They are undifferentiated cells that have the capacity to regenerate the whole plant. It uses a very sustainable way to obtain the benefits of plants because you don’t need to  cultivate them, no land, no pesticides, less water is needed, and they are absolutely traceable and available at convenience. This amazing cream contains orange stem cells with Citrustem  (a registered trademark from Provital a raw material manufacturer), Citrustem organizes and re-densifies the dermis structure, restores the extracellular network improving cells adhesion and recovers the quality of the skin. As skin ages, collagen and elastin fibers, that form the extracellular network, become disordered, unstructured and sparse.The dermis loses density and skin shows aging signs: The microrelief structure becomes more anisotropic resulting in a loss of softness and velvety touch. (Keeping the skin inner structure organized is essential for a younger looking skin).                      

Citrustem (plant stem cell):

1- Provides improvement of extracellular matrix structure.

2- Offer stimulation of TGK production in the epidermis, TGK is an essential enzyme for the epidermis. An increase in its synthesis means better assembly and organization of epidermal structures.

3- The stratum corneum become more cohesive with fewer scales.

4- The skin is  smoother and recovers its velvety touch.

Minimum quantity 1 gallon bulk, we can only fill 5000+ units, customer needs to send their own packaging and labels. Prices below don't include shipping cost

We will gladly fill in your jars/bottles, must be at least 5000+ per product, we don't accept clients to buy bulk from us and ask us to fill at their required size, we will need to work on new prices for you based on the quantity, size ... if the sizes are different from what it posted on the filled prices below.

Lead time 6-10 weeks.

Please check our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to get more info on labeling/ assembly costs. 

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