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2nd Skin Sheet Face Sheet Masks With CBD

2nd Skin Sheet Face Sheet Masks With CBD

2nd Skin Sheet Masks With CBD - Bio-Cellulose 

We are excited to introduce The FIRST MADE IN USA 2nd Skin Sheet Masks. We are the first US manufacturer to introduce the 2nd Skin Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask With CBD which is made up from cellulose fibers (called Bio-cellulose) that is formed by culture strains cultivated by fermenting natural coconut fruit water in which initially was used for skin burns and post laser due to their amazing healing and soothing power. 

What is 2nd Skin Sheet Bio-Cellulose Face Masks with CBD

 2nd Skin Sheet Masks are considered of a natural source fibers (from coconut) with a diameter of only 20 nanometers and due to its soft and very dense characteristics, it can be swelled by much larger size than its original volume.

2nd Skin Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask are extremely hydrophilic, or  what is called “water loving.” It can hold fluid up to 100 times their dry weight.

In addition 2nd Skin Sheet Masks (the Bio-Cellulose) have a high adherence effect: they will completely adheres to the skin which make them excellent to deliver skin care actives, post peels, post facials or regular skin care masks.


2nd Skin Sheet Masks are excellent for instant hydration, skin soothing, skin firming.

All CBD sheet masks are made CUSTOM based on customer's specification, minimum 10,000 units per mask type, it will require a custom formula for the serum, custom formula chemist fee $1500-3000 which will take 6-10 weeks to be finalized. There are no samples of sheet masks with CBD to buy, every customer will need to go through a new custom formula as stated above. You can simply test our regular sheet masks without CBD to check the quality of the sheet mask itself. 

Prices for CBD sheet masks will vary greatly depend on the serum, the amount of CBD used (we only work with THC free CBD), typically it will be 1.5-2+ times the cost of our regular sheet masks without CBD. We will only know the cost once we finish the formula and soak the mask with the serum to know how many ml-oz of the serum each mask will need. 

 Update: July.1st.2020 = Due to the COVID19, we have secured several government contracts for continuous supplies of a single use sanitizing wipes.  Our sheet masks (including eye pads) machines are now used to manufacture these wipes. And due to this reason, we can only accept 100,000 sheet masks per type (and eye pads) as minimum order.

We are working on adding extra machines, please sign up for our newsletter so we can email you once the lower minimum of sheet masks is launched.

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