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Best Stock Private Label Skin Moisturizers

Private label stock skin care moisturizers. We offer a wide variety of stock private label skin care and body care for women and men, you will see some on this page. Please email us if you don't see a formula you are interested in, we will check our R & D library to see if there is something matches of what you are looking for that we can offer as stock private label without customization that may cost you and take time to be done, the minimums in this case is 1000 units per product. If you do go the custom formula route the minimum may be around 5000-10,000 units per product.

SECRET RADIANCE CAVIAR DAY CREAM  Amazing luxurious skin moisturizer for normal and dry skin type, loaded with high end moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin hydrated all day long.

NATURAL MATTE BLEMISH FREE SKIN LOTION Everything you ever wanted in a product for oily/ blemished skin! Oil free moisturizer that is loaded with actives to act on acne, blemishes and to normalize oily skin
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