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GoodVara Natural Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Natural Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Serum With Plant Stem Cell + Matrixyl 3000 + Hyaluronic Acid

Private label skin care and cosmetic concentrated powerful serum with plant stem cell, matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid - Anti-wrinkle, glowing youthful Skin.
The Power Miracle Collection is a group of products contains powerful ingredients at high percentages made to deliver best results for glowing youthful skin.

Natural Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Serum is loaded with proven ingredients at high percentages:
1-  5% of patented Matrixyl 3000™ (a trademark of Sederma this ingredients is one of the best anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients discovered to date, Matrixyl 3000 is a multi peptide of Palmitoyl Oligo peptide (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, a study of using Matruxyl 3000 for 2 month showed: reduction in the mean depth of the main wrinkle and in its volume, reduction in roughness and complexity and a decrease in the area occupied by deep wrinkles giving rise to a decrease in density.

2-  2% of patented Resistem™ (a trademark of Sederma), Resistem is a plant stem cell from Globe Daisy Flower, Resistem™ is able to reproduce a hormetic response in the skin cells that develops a genuine defense system in the heart of the skin.

In vitro evaluation has demonstrated Resistem™ has a positive effect on tissue regeneration by maintaining the characteristics and proper location of skin stem cells, and by maintaining the proteasome activity and cell lifespan by stimulating the synthesis of sirtuin-1 To achieve cell detoxification.

Resistem™ is the "bodyguard" of aging skin. It helps the skin naturally reduce the content of aging agents, while reducing the micro-inflammatory caused by toxins.

In vivo studies have shown that it has the ability to soothe skin, reduce redness, improve skin tone uniformity and restore its natural shine. The skin feels soothed and looks fresher. Through a virtuous circle, Resistem™ reproduces its beauty! Helps reduce the level of aging agents and local skin micro-inflammation.

3-  A complex of 10% Glycolic Acid and 2% Malic Acid, proven to renew and exfoliate the dead skin layers with much less irritation that regular glycolic acid products.

4-  Hyaluronic acid = Hyaluronic acid is known to hold 1000 times its weight in water which helps in plumping and instantly moisturize the skin.

Minimum quantity 1 gallon bulk, we can only fill 5000+ units, customer needs to send their own packaging and labels. Prices below don't include shipping cost

We will gladly fill in your jars/bottles, must be at least 5000+ per product, we don't accept clients to buy bulk from us and ask us to fill at their required size, we will need to work on new prices for you based on the quantity, size ... if the sizes are different from what it posted on the filled prices below.

Lead time 6-10 weeks.

Please check our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to get more info on labeling/ assembly costs. 

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