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Skin Brightening Made Simple With Private Label Skin Care

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Whether enjoying the height of the summer season, or savoring a midwinter day, it is important to wear sun block any time we are outdoors. Not only does it help skin to defend itself from UV rays, but it also serves to offset the many different kinds of damage that overexposure to sunlight will cause.

Though many people love to lie in the sun, and say that it is a good source of vitamin D, there is truth in the old adage of "too much of a good thing". Sun exposure leads to sun burns, dry skin, and even premature aging or skin cancer. While many of us know that there are risks, and even that sunlight can cause problems, we may not know why. It is actually, useful to provide some basic facts about this in order understand to show buyers of your private label skin care products the many benefits of brightening.

What Is Skin Darkening?

When offering brightening products from a private label manufacturer, it is important to explain that sun tanning and skin darkening is a protective response. It is cued when UVA and UVB rays penetrate the epidermis and dermis. Once it reaches the lower layers of the dermis, it damages elastin and collagen, while also triggering pigment cells to darken and head upward to the epidermis.

This is protection, yes, but also damage. It leads to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, uneven pigmentation, worsening of freckles and melasma and even triggers skin cancer to form. To combat it, experts say it is important to use sun block, but also private label skin care products that will brighten the complex, protect and moisturize it and even heal it.

Why brighten? Any uneven pigmentation in the skin is often a sign of damage. Even those who have long had freckles or melasma notice they darken and worsen with sun exposure. It is why most are encouraged to keep this under control as these areas have even less overall skin cell health, which can lead to premature aging and damage.

When offering products from your preferred private label manufacturer, be sure to explore the options for skin brightening, lightening, cleansing, healing and moisturizing. We recommend the following private label skin care options from GoodVara Laboratories amazing range of natural products.

Skin Brightening from a Private Label Manufacturer

For those who have sun damage and uneven coloration of the skin, the basic steps to improve the scenario include:

  • Peeling/Masks/Exfoliant
  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Serum/Specialty Products
  • Moisturizer/Cream
  • Sun Block

To ensure your private label skin care line has all that is needed to make skin brightening and restoration easier than ever, we recommend the following options from the private label manufacturer, GoodVara Laboratories.

Natural Skin Peeling Cream (With 10% Glycolic And Lactic Acid) - A non-irritating and natural formula, it can exfoliate the darker skin, helping to lighten and cue the production of healthier cells. Full of nutrient dense oils, it also helps to provide anti-aging benefits. Used weekly or every other week, it will begin to trigger fast and noticeable improvements in overall skin tone.

Skin Brightening Cleanser - Once the skin has been exfoliated or treated to a brightening peel, you can remove surface impurities, dead skin cells and other contaminants with this specially formulated cleanser that leaves key natural oils while eliminating any dulling materials.

Skin Brightening Toner - No cleansing is complete without the in-depth cleaning of a toner. It pulls contaminants from deep within pores, shrinking them to their normal size and yet not stripping skin and leaving it dried. This formula balances pH and improves tone with its natural brightening agents.

Natural Skin Brightening Blemish Control Serum With Glycolic Acid + Licorice + Willow Bark Extract + Centella Asiatica - If you have general unevenness, this is better than the targeted spot correction above. This is a multi-action serum that is packed with an array of botanical ingredients and nutrients to help heal skin from within. Yet, it's blend of acids also helps to address blemishes and dark spots, including scarring and redness due to breakouts and irritations.

Skin Lightening Cream, Formula 1 - Once the cleaning, toning and spot treatments are done, you can then yield the best results with a leave on cream or concentrate. This treatment is packed with Alpha-Arbutin, a natural enzyme inhibitor that ensures the natural agents that cause darkening, age spots and even freckles is suppressed. Keeping the skin moist and hydrated, it also limits darkening during UV exposure. It is ideal as a daily cream.

Natural Advanced Skin Lightening Concentrate, Formula 2 -  This is a gel formula that also uses Alpha-Arbutin but takes a bit longer to work its magic. Within four weeks of first using this product, you are going to see noticeable lightening of even darker areas of pigmentation. It too reduces the impact of UV exposure and can be a good daily formula.

These private label skin care formulas are an ideal answer to skin cell damage due to sun exposure. Combined, they offer a simple and reliable approach to improving and healing the skin, evening out the tone and balancing moisture. Whether the goal is anti-aging due to sun damage or to adjust pigmentation, these can be marketed as the ideal answer to those seeking a comprehensive system of compatible, effective products.



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